Updated Saturday July 30, 2016 by Jacksonville Miracle League.

Where is the field located?

  • [Westside] Brantley Regional Park – 8435 118th Street – Jacksonville, FL 32244 


Contact information?


Registration Fee? 

  • $55 per player per season


What is included in the registration fee?

  • each player receives a uniform jersey and ball cap
  • each player receives a trophy at the end of the season
  • sports insurance


What is the buddy program?

  • buddies are volunteers from elementary school to senior citizens
  • protect players from injuries
  • assist players while letting them do as much as they can independently


Who qualifies to play?

  • children and adults with any degree of disability may register to play


Who can be a Coach?

  • any adult can volunteer to be a coach after completing a background check


Can a child sign up who can't afford the registration fee?

  • yes, we have a player Scholarship program as well as financial hardship waivers that will allow children to play without paying


How many teams are there?

  • the number of teams depend on the number of registrations (usually 8-12 teams)
  • we will have a maximum of 10 to 12 players per team


When does the season start?

  • Spring season is from 2nd weekend of March until 1st weekend of June
  • Fall season is from 2nd weekend of September until 1st weekend of December


When are the games?

  • games are scheduled on Friday nights and Saturday mornings


How long are the games?

  • each games is 90 minutes
  • minimum of 2 innings per team
  • each player gets to bat every inning
  • each player gets to circle the bases to score a run each inning
  • every player scores and is never called “Out”
  • we don’t keep score


What Equipment is used?

  • each player will wear a helmet and swing a bat when batting if possible
  • each player will have the chance to hit from a pitched ball or bat from a “Tee”
  • we use an 11” soft-core safety ball with a synthetic cover
  • we also have special beepers balls for the blind


What type of field will they play on?

  • the field was specifically designed with wheelchairs, walkers and crutches in mind
  • The entire field is a synthetic turf with coloring for grass, clay, bases and chalk lines