Team/Individual Pictures - Photo shoot

Updated Monday February 16, 2015 by JML.

Picture Day !! 

April 10th sittings times
7:00pm - Royals
7:20pm - Cubs

April 11th sittings times
9:00am - Phillies
9:20am - Indians
9:45am - Yankees
10:05am - Marlins
10:30am - Dodgers
10:50am - Reds

Team photos will be taken on the field.  Individual player photos will also be taken.  Parents who choose to buy pictures will have many package choices.  Parents are not obligated to buy pictures, this is provided as a courtesy only.  If you don't intend to buy pictures that's ok, but please come and be in the team photo for those who are buying team photos.

Check the schedule for your team's picture time in case of changes.  Come early if you need extra time to select a picture package.

Game times will be shortened to allow for pictures.

Please call your coach if you have any questions.